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Shoe Dry Cleaning

How many times you washed your shoes? What happens to your shoes when you come back from trek, outing in rainy days? How it smells when you don't wash your wet and dirty shoes?

Well to get rid of all these and similar situation here is the answer "Shoe Dry cleaning". My friend Vaibhav already explained this in his blog. I thought of putting it here for all those lazy peoples who hates washing and cleaning their own shoes.

Here are the results of shoe dry cleaning. Images taken before and after shoe cleaning...

Address of the shop is as follows:
Classic dry cleaners,
Near Bedekar misal, shagun chowk,
Laxmi rd, Pune.
Phone: 020-65008872

They will return your shoes in just two days and for just Rs. 70 for sports shoes and Rs. 90 for leather shoes.