बुधवार, १९ ऑगस्ट, २००९


Well Pankaj already covered everything everything about our Kalsubai Trek in detail so what I can write about it but anyways I will try to cover my experience in short.

As Kalusbai is highest peak in the Sahyadri range and Maharashtra it was on my list from long time. Finally that moment arrived when we decided about this trek. Intially plan was to go by car but as the car owner dropped we decided to go by Bus. We means Pankaj, Ganesh and Me. At the last moment Sandy jumped in.

Friday 10.00 pm Ganesh came to my room so after having dinner Me, Sandy and Ganesh left for Shivajinagar bus stand with Masks on face as H1N1 fever was on its peak in Pune. Plan was to catch Shivajinagar-Nashik bus at 12.00 midnight. At 11.30 Pankaj joined us and we booked ticket till Sangamner. We reached Sangamner at around 3.00 am in the morning where we are supposed to wait till 6.00 am for our next bus Sangamner-Kasara which goes through the base village of Kalsubai which is Bari.

We had tea outside the Sangamner bus stand obiviously it was not good. :-) We tried to get the 2 hour sleep but we had our enemy ready on the bus stand thrusty for our blood. "The Mosqitoues". Somehow I managed to get one hour sleep half of time went in trying to cover my body. Again at 5.30 am we had one more round of Tea. Exactly at 6.00 am we started for Bari village. I tried hard to control my sleep but my eyes were not ready and I gave up. When I wake up I was amazed to see the greenery, those nice landscapes and waterfalls. It was nice drive though bus was crwody and was stopping at every possible stop.

We reached Bari at around 9.00 am and we started to walk towards the village. On the way only one villager came and asked us breakfast and lunch. Without wasting time we told him to hurry up so that we can start our trek asap. After eating poha and Tea we left behind some of our load and finally started to climb at around 10.00 am.

Way to Kalsubai peak go thourgh the tress, bushes, rice fields. Actual trek is not that hectic it's like climbing the Sinhgad only. On the way there are steel railings and ladders which makes your job easy. We reached on the top at around 12.30 pm. One can not imagine the joy of being at highest peak. We were on the top of clouds. When for a moment clouds got cleared we got amazing view of the bari village and other area from the top. It was very special moment for each of us. We spent around 30 min at the top in capturing moments and small food break.

Finally we started our downward journy at 1.00 pm and reached in village at 2.30 pm. As 3.00 pm is the last bus which goes to Sangamner we had our lunch and immediatly headed towards the bus stop. Unfortunately we missed that bus but we came to Akole by local transport and then to Sangamner and from there by bus to reach Pune at around 9.30.

It was very special moment in my life to complete this trek. I will post more whenever I will get some time.