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The Monkey Hill Shoot - 05 July 09

It's too late as we had this shoot on 5th of July and I haven't got time to write about it. Now days I am not able to keep pace with the events and blog entries either I am too busy that I am not getting time to write or I become lazy but anyways I am covering the event here.

So to start with Dinesh started Outing thread on P@P discussion board. I was very impressed with the snaps and the information that he posted. I decided to go and posted my presenece for the photo shoot. Plan was to book the return tickets of Sinhgad Express from Pune till Karjat so that event can be started early morning and we can get some good pictures. Around 15 members of P@P registerd for the photo shoot. As my boarding point was Shivajinagar I reached station at 6.00 am in the morning thanks to Dr. Amit for early morning ride till station.

At station few members joined me. Once we boarded the train all of us gathered in D1 coach to join Nayana and Dinesh sir. Entire journey was good as we got some good information about the railway's and loco's from Dinesh sir. After passing the Khandala station Sinhgad express was supposed to stop at Monket Hill Station but unfortunately it won't and only option left with us is to get down at the next stop where every train stops to check the breaks (I don't remember th e exact name of that stop).

The location was fantastic as it's between the Khandala and Karjat stations in the ghats. All the members from diffrent coaches joined us and we had small intro session with some safty instruction from Harsh as he did lot of rail shoots and he is well aware of do's and dont's when you are near to rail tracks with good amount of traffic. As we missed the Monkey Hill spot plan changed. We decided to walk towards Thakurwadi village through a Service Tunnel. (It connects two ends and it is prepared for service staff).

Geared with cameras everyone started shooting and walking towards the tunnel to reach Thakurwadi. It's actaully 15 min walking distance but it took us half hour. We reached at Thakurwadi and plan got changed. Few folks wanted to leave to Pune so they left by Deccan and we decided to walk towards Jambrung along the tracks as there are two parallel tracks so its not dangrous. When we started Neha spotted one snake just near the tracks what a oppertunity one snake and 10 photographers and snake haven't moved a inch and we got our shots.

Walking towards Jambrung was a nice experience that too through two tunnels of around 5oo m in total length with trains passing from both the tracks. We got very good shots. When reached at Jambrung we had mini snacks break which was not enough and meanwhile Dinesh told us that next train Sinhgad Express is at 4.30 pm it was like "Aaasman se tapka aur Khajur mein aatka" situation.

But luckily we spotted one resort just above the tunnel named "The Tunnel Top Mini hill Station" without waisting much time we headed towords it. We requested the owner to prepare atleast Dal-Rice as they at very first they rejected saying they don't have any stock. But they aggreed to prepare poli bhaji and rice at 80 rs. per plate.It was very nice place as the name suggests just above the tunnel with so many huts and jhulas.

We had fun there until the food was ready. At around 3.00 pm food was ready and they arranged it very well. Food was awesome. After the food we headed towards Jambrung cabin to catch the Sinhgad Express.

We clicked some funny 'for orkut' kinda shots...we catched Sinhgad to start our desend journey towards Pune. Funny thing was we all had waiting list tickets which wasn't confirmed and they got cancelled. It was like travelling without ticket with fear of getting caught but luckily we reached Pune safely. With some good memories on the memory card.

See all the photos of the shoot here.

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