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Making of Go Green Campgain

22 Jun - 26 Jun 09 was "Go Green" week and in Patni we had various events and competitions. Photography was one of the competition. My participation was by default so searched my collection to find out the perfect photograph which will go with the theme and as I won the first prize earlier in the Kalakruti Event in Patni expectations are high from me. With all this background I decided to do something different so I did some Googleing and got one idea.

At tea table I shared it with my friend Abhijit and we decided to go with it. It was obvious that Abhijit will be the model for the Go Green Photoshoot. So we decided the date and venue which was 25th June and in the Magarpatta City Nursery.

On 25th just after the lunch we headed towards the Garden and started searching for the object. After around 10 min of search Abhijit managed to find one. Abhijit the model took the position and I clicked few shots from different angles but was not much happy. I searched for better object and this time we clicked some good snaps. This was my first photoshoot with the Superstar Model [he calls himself :-) ] I was bit nervous [:-)] but I was supposed to click his hands only it made my job easy and we come up with this final image

In Safe Hands

"I am the Earth. You are the Earth. The Earth is dying.
You and I are the murderers.
Plant Trees - Go Green!!

After using some Photoshop

While coming back we saw Abhijit's friend [Everyday Abhijit see him at Pan shop in CyberCity] on fence I was not able to stop myself from clicking him..I think he is also saying Go Green!!

here goes some behind the scene photos:

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Brahminy Myna - Standing Tall

Brahminy Myna - Standing Tall, originally uploaded by Vaibhav.B.

Well I am getting into it. Bird Photography is not an easy job it demands lots of patients. This pic of Brahminy Myna is from backyard of my house.

Some information about this bird from WikiPedia - The Brahminy Myna (or "Mynah") or Brahminy Starling (Sturnia pagodarum[2]) is a member of the starling family of birds. It is a resident breeder in eastern Afghanistan, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka.

The adults of these 21cm-long birds have grey upperparts and reddish-orange underparts and black wing quills. The head has a black crown, nape and crest, and the underneath of the tail is white. The bill and the strong legs are bright yellow, and there are yellow wattles on the gape. The recumbent crest may be fluffed up when the bird is excited. The sexes are similar; young birds have crestless sooty brown head and dull general coloration.

This passerine is typically found in dry forest and scrub jungle. Like most starlings, the Brahminy Starling is fairly omnivorous, eating fruit and insects. It builds a nest in holes. The normal clutch is 3-4 eggs.

In India, the bird is called Bamani myna (Bengal/Bihar), Kalasir myna (Hindi), Pabiyapawi (Uttar Bradesh), Harbola (Bengal), Popoya myna, etc. It was known as shaṇkarā in Sanskrit and compared to a parivrājikā (female ascetic wanderer) in the Mahābhāṣya due to its serene appearance; the English name may reflect this or refer to the traditional Brahmin choti hairstyle. The bird is popularly known as a myna - Salim Ali (1995) describes it as a "typical myna" in its behaviour and appearance -, whereas more recently (e.g. Grimmett et al. 1999) the term "starling" is preferred.