मंगळवार, २८ ऑक्टोबर, २००८

Pune to USA

Well I am very excited to write about this as everyone has dream of coming to US and for me it completed on Sunday 26-Oct-08. Well i will start from the Pune to airport travel which was bit hectic. Actually on saturady there was a lot of trafic on Mumbai road and it took around 1 hour to reach from IIT powai to airport via Sakinaka. I was very excited but was nervous also as i was going to stay away from loved once.

Well we entered in at around 8.00 pm and proceded for baggage check in as this was second time for so i was aware of the things and anyways airline peoples were there to help so formalities was not issue and also checking was not that strict as we were predicted. We gone thru baggage check in, immegration, cabin baggage check in and then waiting for boarding plane at gate. We got some time so had some food and then headed towards the gate again there was no tension as everything was simple only one thing which we felt bad is that airport is under construction and AC was not working so that was big problem specially you go with jackets on.

We boarded the plane at around 10.30 pm it was big Boeing plane with capacity of around 300 peoples. We already knew that we have window seats but those were at wings so reallty not able to see much from there. My copassenger was a small kid and he asked me so many queations in 30 min as i switched my seat with his dad as he was seating right behind me in middle seat. I think it was there plan to get rid of the person who will come to that seat but anyways i was also not intrested in that place as monitor and head lamp was not in working condition.

it was quite boring flight as the movies out there was old and most of them I already watched, also boring games no magzines. i don't know how i spent 16 to 17 hours in that non stop flight. At around 6.00 am on 26th-Oct we landed at Newark airport and lady seating next to me told me "welcome to US" it was nice feeling for me.

Once we landed we headed for immegration check where we got entry into dreamland its like dream came true for me. We had connecting flight immedatly so we rushed towords customs cleared it and checked in bags for next flight. Again it was easy to find the terminals as peoples were there to help you so no worries at all. Domestic flight was nice as it was bright sunny day n view from the plane was amazing. We landed at Providence at around 9.30 am and picked up by rommie at 10. Providence airport is small one but its very nice with some cars at display, information kioks n everything was neet and clean.

We reached our flat in just 10 min. Place where i am staying is very nice I mean you can get an idea by looking at the pictures below. Well Pune to US journy was awesome and its one more feather to my travelogue. i will come with more as and when i will get time to write.

(This snap is takenn from window of our flat)