गुरुवार, १८ सप्टेंबर, २००८

SajjanGad - Mahableshwar

On Sunday me Prasad n Ajit had small one day trek come trip to Fort Sajjangad and unplanned visit to hill station Mahableshwar. From long time Ajit n Prasad was asking me to plan a trip together and finally we got time for it and we decided to go for Sajjangad and Thoseghar Waterfall.

SajjanGad is famous for Swami its a small fort approx. 12km from Satara. One has to go to Satara first to visit this place and Thoseghar waterfalls are 12 Km from Sajjangad. We started late at around 10 AM in the morning from Palus my hometown. But it was not as issue as Prasad took his speed machine his new Honda Civic. In just half hour we reached at karad where we refueled our car and started heading towards Satara by NH4 which was another 30 to 40 min journey as sometimes prasad speeded his machine up to 155. (If you are in Car you can feel it's moving with its normal speed but only speedometer can tell the truth.)

From Satara we started moving towards our first destination SajjanGad. Road was new to us and was not in good condition so it took another 30 min to reach there. We had small photo shoot on the way as it was bright sunny day and there was no sign of rain in next few hours though it was bit cloudy.

We decided to avoid trek and parked our car at base of the fort. From there you have to take few steps to reach till the top. After reaching the top we started exploring the fort, taking snaps. After sometime suddenly weather changed. Whole area covered with the clouds and it started raining and it lasts for around 10 to 15 min.

The scene from the top of the fort was amazing. It had all the colors of the nature. You can imagine that by looking at the images below. There is a temple of lord Ram, Samadhi of Ramdas Swami, Temple of Hanuman, few hotels (where we haven't got any food :-( ).

We started heading down at around 2.00 Pm and also got the information that we can not go to Thoseghar as road is closed due to landslide and we have to go back to Satara. Then Prasad suggested that we can visit Mahabaleshwar and enjoy the nature. Plan was good so we decided to take the lunch at Satara which we skipped and had some snacks instead of lunch and started moving towards Mahableshwar which is just around 60km from Satara.

Road from Satara to Mahableshwar is full of trees, nice curves, ghat section with danger signs everywhere. You can enjoy the nature at the fullest here. We reached Mahableshwar at 5.00 PM it was not too late. but without wasting too much time We headed towards one of the point. Visibility at Mahableshwar was only 5 to 10 feet.

Road till the point was bit scary as it was thru the jungle and foggy. When we reached at the point all we heard was the sound of the wind and waterfall in the valley. For some time fog cleared exploring the beautiful view of the valley. We had long photo shoot there. As there was some time and fog was clearing so we decided to visit Sunset point but when we reached there we got just fog.

While coming back we visited market in Mahableshwar with visit to one or two shops and started out descend journy at around 7.00 or so. We reached Satara at around 8.30 where we had Dinner and then Prasad and Ajit dropped me at Satara bus depot from where i boarded bus to Pune and they headed towards Palus marking the end of another wonderful journy and some diffrent experiences.