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Look at the world through the window. I got this natural black frame while i was on Lohgad trek. You can see the greenery, river, fort and sky with clouds. What all you can get in a single frame.

Picture is taken from fort Lohgad, river is Pawana river and the fort is tung fort.

Lohgad Trek (Aug 23, 08)

My first trek as organizer and guess what we completed successfully with 24 odd trekkers from office. Actually is started with Sumnesh asking us to organize a trek as he was keep saying u people go for treks every weekend arrange one for our team also. Finally Nikhil who visited Lohgad few weeks back come up with plan of Lohgad and then thru mail trail our planning started.

Till Wednesday there was almost no response from peoples then we checked the actual count which was less than 10. I dropped detailed plan to all the members of BU (Special note : plan reviewed by Nikhil). Till Thursday night we got count of 20 with few members quitting. With final count and transport details and things to carry i dropped mail to everyone and left the office on Friday.

Saturday morning was special wake up early in the morning reached Shivajinagar station at around 7.15 AM which was too early as Local timing was 8.00 AM from Pune Station. But i was one of the coordinator so i had to be present there. In few minutes Ganesh joined me. I already informed everyone by SMS so that Brijesh can book the tickets at Pune station. Javed and Chirayu helped on that. And finally 17 members frm Pune'ST boarded local train. We were waiting for train at Shivajinagar which came in approx. 6 min.

We had small intro round with new members Rommy, Sanuj and Amruta and then started the Anatakshari round with peoples singing worse than train beggars. But this is how it goes. We reached Malawali station at around 9.30 AM where we had team photo at the station and our trek to Lohgad started with Nikhil leading the show.

It was bit tiresome as there was no rain. But once you go in nature those landscapes, trees, lakes make you forget everything everyone was clicking the natures beauty. When we reached at the one of big waterfall on the way everyone almost shouted and jumped into the water. It gave everyone so much relief as we started walking again towards our destination.

We reached at the base of fort at around 12.00 PM while we relaxed there Pawan sang Hanuman Chalisa. Nikhil joined us with Sammer and Mahesh and then we started out march to fort. Reached the top in just half hour with some good snaps of Tung Tikona, Pawana dam back water.

Lunch time: everyone was so tired by now so the lunch boxes came out with the attraction of event Nikhil ke hath se banaye hue Parathe (they were awesome), Jams breads, biscuits, Farsan and lot more. After wonderful lunch we started exploring Lohgad with people clicking snaps.

We started our descend journey at around 2.00 PM so that we can catch the 4.00 PM local to pune. Target time was little with tired members wishing to enjoy the waterfall at the fullest. Reached waterfall at 3.30 PM and to our surprise it started raining. Everyone jumped into the water and guess what we missed 4.00 PM Local Nikhil with other 6 members left for the 4 PM local and we decided to go by 5.20 Local.

After getting wet it was butta(Sweet Corn) time which everyone enjoyed. We headed towards station to have some tea and Wada pav. When we heard the same local which comes from Pune to Malawali at 5.00 comes back from Lonavala everyone started running to catch the seat as we had tickets till lonavala it was easy. After getting into the train another round of Antakshari started which lasted till Shivajinagar where i ended my journey saying bye to all buddies.

It was awesome experience. Will come back next week with one more trek.

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