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Dream Lens

I am glad that I got my dream lens during my dream visit to US. On the occasion of the Thanks Giving I placed order of my dream lens the AF-S DX VR Zoom-NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED on Adorama the web store for cameras and lens.

I can't express the feeling when first time I hold this lens in my hand. Handling like a new baby I attached it to my D40. It has excellent zoom with the silent focus motor. Everything is perfect this is the baap (father) of all lens.

I will try to post more and more photos clicked with this new born baby. Here goes the inaugural photos of the new lens

शनिवार, ८ नोव्हेंबर, २००८

Way to Heaven

Its my first weekend in US and see what I got a whole Sunday afternoon to click some best shots in my life. Well the one in the above frame is from the place where I am currently staying.

This place has awesome weather with fall season in progress and the road looks like it is leading to heaven.

Place: Royal Crest Estate, Warwick USA
Camera: Nikon D40
Date: 01-Nov-2008

मंगळवार, २८ ऑक्टोबर, २००८

Pune to USA

Well I am very excited to write about this as everyone has dream of coming to US and for me it completed on Sunday 26-Oct-08. Well i will start from the Pune to airport travel which was bit hectic. Actually on saturady there was a lot of trafic on Mumbai road and it took around 1 hour to reach from IIT powai to airport via Sakinaka. I was very excited but was nervous also as i was going to stay away from loved once.

Well we entered in at around 8.00 pm and proceded for baggage check in as this was second time for so i was aware of the things and anyways airline peoples were there to help so formalities was not issue and also checking was not that strict as we were predicted. We gone thru baggage check in, immegration, cabin baggage check in and then waiting for boarding plane at gate. We got some time so had some food and then headed towards the gate again there was no tension as everything was simple only one thing which we felt bad is that airport is under construction and AC was not working so that was big problem specially you go with jackets on.

We boarded the plane at around 10.30 pm it was big Boeing plane with capacity of around 300 peoples. We already knew that we have window seats but those were at wings so reallty not able to see much from there. My copassenger was a small kid and he asked me so many queations in 30 min as i switched my seat with his dad as he was seating right behind me in middle seat. I think it was there plan to get rid of the person who will come to that seat but anyways i was also not intrested in that place as monitor and head lamp was not in working condition.

it was quite boring flight as the movies out there was old and most of them I already watched, also boring games no magzines. i don't know how i spent 16 to 17 hours in that non stop flight. At around 6.00 am on 26th-Oct we landed at Newark airport and lady seating next to me told me "welcome to US" it was nice feeling for me.

Once we landed we headed for immegration check where we got entry into dreamland its like dream came true for me. We had connecting flight immedatly so we rushed towords customs cleared it and checked in bags for next flight. Again it was easy to find the terminals as peoples were there to help you so no worries at all. Domestic flight was nice as it was bright sunny day n view from the plane was amazing. We landed at Providence at around 9.30 am and picked up by rommie at 10. Providence airport is small one but its very nice with some cars at display, information kioks n everything was neet and clean.

We reached our flat in just 10 min. Place where i am staying is very nice I mean you can get an idea by looking at the pictures below. Well Pune to US journy was awesome and its one more feather to my travelogue. i will come with more as and when i will get time to write.

(This snap is takenn from window of our flat)

गुरुवार, १८ सप्टेंबर, २००८

SajjanGad - Mahableshwar

On Sunday me Prasad n Ajit had small one day trek come trip to Fort Sajjangad and unplanned visit to hill station Mahableshwar. From long time Ajit n Prasad was asking me to plan a trip together and finally we got time for it and we decided to go for Sajjangad and Thoseghar Waterfall.

SajjanGad is famous for Swami its a small fort approx. 12km from Satara. One has to go to Satara first to visit this place and Thoseghar waterfalls are 12 Km from Sajjangad. We started late at around 10 AM in the morning from Palus my hometown. But it was not as issue as Prasad took his speed machine his new Honda Civic. In just half hour we reached at karad where we refueled our car and started heading towards Satara by NH4 which was another 30 to 40 min journey as sometimes prasad speeded his machine up to 155. (If you are in Car you can feel it's moving with its normal speed but only speedometer can tell the truth.)

From Satara we started moving towards our first destination SajjanGad. Road was new to us and was not in good condition so it took another 30 min to reach there. We had small photo shoot on the way as it was bright sunny day and there was no sign of rain in next few hours though it was bit cloudy.

We decided to avoid trek and parked our car at base of the fort. From there you have to take few steps to reach till the top. After reaching the top we started exploring the fort, taking snaps. After sometime suddenly weather changed. Whole area covered with the clouds and it started raining and it lasts for around 10 to 15 min.

The scene from the top of the fort was amazing. It had all the colors of the nature. You can imagine that by looking at the images below. There is a temple of lord Ram, Samadhi of Ramdas Swami, Temple of Hanuman, few hotels (where we haven't got any food :-( ).

We started heading down at around 2.00 Pm and also got the information that we can not go to Thoseghar as road is closed due to landslide and we have to go back to Satara. Then Prasad suggested that we can visit Mahabaleshwar and enjoy the nature. Plan was good so we decided to take the lunch at Satara which we skipped and had some snacks instead of lunch and started moving towards Mahableshwar which is just around 60km from Satara.

Road from Satara to Mahableshwar is full of trees, nice curves, ghat section with danger signs everywhere. You can enjoy the nature at the fullest here. We reached Mahableshwar at 5.00 PM it was not too late. but without wasting too much time We headed towards one of the point. Visibility at Mahableshwar was only 5 to 10 feet.

Road till the point was bit scary as it was thru the jungle and foggy. When we reached at the point all we heard was the sound of the wind and waterfall in the valley. For some time fog cleared exploring the beautiful view of the valley. We had long photo shoot there. As there was some time and fog was clearing so we decided to visit Sunset point but when we reached there we got just fog.

While coming back we visited market in Mahableshwar with visit to one or two shops and started out descend journy at around 7.00 or so. We reached Satara at around 8.30 where we had Dinner and then Prasad and Ajit dropped me at Satara bus depot from where i boarded bus to Pune and they headed towards Palus marking the end of another wonderful journy and some diffrent experiences.

सोमवार, १ सप्टेंबर, २००८

KoraiGad Trek

It was Friday evening and I was in office as usual doing nothing and also it was my last day on project so was not in good mood. Suddenly GTalk alert message popped up saying you have new mail from Shrikant with subject one day trek to KoraiGad that too on bikes. Few months ago my team mate told me that KoraiGad is nice place to visit as it is near to Amby Valley and weather is beautiful. Also when we visited Lonavala in July we haven't got chance to visit Koraigad as it was raining heavily and road visibility was around 10 to 15 feet’s so we dropped that plan.

Considering all this I decided to attend this trek and then I checked the mail forwarded same to my friends from which Ganesh n Piyush and Satish agreed to come. My pillion was already fixed as Amin was coming to Pune so with all done I informed Shrikant that we are coming for this trek.

On Sunday me and Amin wake up early plan was something like this Ganesh supposed to join us at Chandani chauk and then we will be joining Piush and Shrikant at hinjewadi junction on Pune Mumbai highway also Satish waiting for us at Wakad and rest of the guys at Somatne phata. Everything except piyush (he was on the way but lost his cell on the way and didn't came it costs him 15k :-( ) and those rest of the guys (who joined late and came by Tavera) dropping out.

We waited for rest of the guys at first toll plaza but they didn't come on time so we had small photo shoot there. It was my photogenic helmet and bike who rocked the entire show.

We left the place with some nice snaps. Camera was with me and as Amin was riding I was free to click with Ganesh's point and shoot Coolpix camera. We reached at last toll plaza just before Lonavala and started waiting for Dhaval and Gang but someone called up and said we are leaving now (too bad). So we had chai-pani with breakfast at Manshakti Ashram canteen. After some time Dhaval and gang joined us there and we started heading towards destination via Lonavala, Bhushi dam, INS Shivaji. Road between INS Shivaji and KoraiGad is awesome it’s almost like a racing trek.

There are amazing turns and riding bike on them is such a pleasure which I can't explain here you have to visit that place. A sudden cloudy patch with very low visibility is one of the attractions of this spot.

We reached at the Koraigad base at around 11.00 PM which was too late as this journey takes only 2 hours. We parked our bikes at some local house and he charged Rs. 15 per bike.

Actual trek is of just 30 to 45 minutes we were at the top by 12.00 noon. Sabko ek hi lagi thi kad jake pani mein dubki lagate hein kyounki as expected it was not raining and everyone was tired. As soon as we reached the top everyone jumped into the water. There is a lake at the top of the Koraigad so no worries also lake is deep so you can swim.

After getting fresh we started to explore the Koraigad actually it was covered in clouds and visibility was poor. Camera persons Me, Samyek, Ganesh clicking insects, butterflies with guidance from Shrikant, Amin we started to move ahead.

From Koraigad you will get very nice view of beautiful Amby Valley. You can clearly see the entire runway, gate inline houses, lakes you can hear music also. Clouds add flavor to the show hiding the najara in between.

We finished our exploration and photo shoot and started descend journey. We reached base at around 4.00 PM where we had tea and again some photo shoot as it was me, my red beast, my photogenic helmet acting as model.

We started from there towards one of the point at Lonavala I don't remember the exact name but the view of valley from there was awesome.

We had group photo all bikers at that place and from there we just rocked the road with same curves and turns, highway till Somatane phata where we guys had tea and kanda Bhaji at dhaba and all of sudden it started raining heavily with dhadam dhudum and lightning. When rain slowed down we headed towards the final destination home sweet home.

Vaibhav ... see you soon with next trek

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Look at the world through the window. I got this natural black frame while i was on Lohgad trek. You can see the greenery, river, fort and sky with clouds. What all you can get in a single frame.

Picture is taken from fort Lohgad, river is Pawana river and the fort is tung fort.

Lohgad Trek (Aug 23, 08)

My first trek as organizer and guess what we completed successfully with 24 odd trekkers from office. Actually is started with Sumnesh asking us to organize a trek as he was keep saying u people go for treks every weekend arrange one for our team also. Finally Nikhil who visited Lohgad few weeks back come up with plan of Lohgad and then thru mail trail our planning started.

Till Wednesday there was almost no response from peoples then we checked the actual count which was less than 10. I dropped detailed plan to all the members of BU (Special note : plan reviewed by Nikhil). Till Thursday night we got count of 20 with few members quitting. With final count and transport details and things to carry i dropped mail to everyone and left the office on Friday.

Saturday morning was special wake up early in the morning reached Shivajinagar station at around 7.15 AM which was too early as Local timing was 8.00 AM from Pune Station. But i was one of the coordinator so i had to be present there. In few minutes Ganesh joined me. I already informed everyone by SMS so that Brijesh can book the tickets at Pune station. Javed and Chirayu helped on that. And finally 17 members frm Pune'ST boarded local train. We were waiting for train at Shivajinagar which came in approx. 6 min.

We had small intro round with new members Rommy, Sanuj and Amruta and then started the Anatakshari round with peoples singing worse than train beggars. But this is how it goes. We reached Malawali station at around 9.30 AM where we had team photo at the station and our trek to Lohgad started with Nikhil leading the show.

It was bit tiresome as there was no rain. But once you go in nature those landscapes, trees, lakes make you forget everything everyone was clicking the natures beauty. When we reached at the one of big waterfall on the way everyone almost shouted and jumped into the water. It gave everyone so much relief as we started walking again towards our destination.

We reached at the base of fort at around 12.00 PM while we relaxed there Pawan sang Hanuman Chalisa. Nikhil joined us with Sammer and Mahesh and then we started out march to fort. Reached the top in just half hour with some good snaps of Tung Tikona, Pawana dam back water.

Lunch time: everyone was so tired by now so the lunch boxes came out with the attraction of event Nikhil ke hath se banaye hue Parathe (they were awesome), Jams breads, biscuits, Farsan and lot more. After wonderful lunch we started exploring Lohgad with people clicking snaps.

We started our descend journey at around 2.00 PM so that we can catch the 4.00 PM local to pune. Target time was little with tired members wishing to enjoy the waterfall at the fullest. Reached waterfall at 3.30 PM and to our surprise it started raining. Everyone jumped into the water and guess what we missed 4.00 PM Local Nikhil with other 6 members left for the 4 PM local and we decided to go by 5.20 Local.

After getting wet it was butta(Sweet Corn) time which everyone enjoyed. We headed towards station to have some tea and Wada pav. When we heard the same local which comes from Pune to Malawali at 5.00 comes back from Lonavala everyone started running to catch the seat as we had tickets till lonavala it was easy. After getting into the train another round of Antakshari started which lasted till Shivajinagar where i ended my journey saying bye to all buddies.

It was awesome experience. Will come back next week with one more trek.

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About Me

Hello first of all thanks for visiting my blog. This is my first post and its good to start with the introduction so lets start..

As my blog link says my name is Vaibhav and actually i written lot of stuff as part of introduction on various networking sites mainly Orkut and FlickR so better i will redirect to you those pages. Please take little effort to visit my profiles on and also on .

Well that's it so hope i will try to write about my new experiences in day to day life. Happy reading.